Next level is Yatahey's digital solutions unit. We create gamified learning experiences that drive engagement and results.



Contact is an interactive storytelling game in which the participant decides the story to be told. Each scenario offers the participant dilemmas in which he must decide how to react – and as in real life, each decision brings its consequences and lessons learned.

  • Use the editor and create your stories, as complex and extensive as you like.
  • Choose from dozens of scenarios and millions of character creation possibilities.
  • Choose the feedbacks to be given for each decision made.
  • Share content (Links, PDFs, videos, audios, etc.) related to the topic of your training.
  • Manage users and teams – add, delete, modify – right from your machine.
  • Plan your campaign, making as many situations available as often as you like.
  • Allow your users to play as many times as they want.
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Next Level | Super Quiz is designed to provide a fun and engaging assessment experience.
Its “Quiz show” format puts your team to compete and show who is the greatest expert on a given subject.

  • Create batteries of questions in minutes and schedule them to be sent to participants!
  • Make batteries available daily with as many questions as you want, keeping participants involved.
  • Abuse a variety of question formats that can contain audio, video, images or just text
  • Share content (Links, PDFs, videos, audios, etc.) related to the topic of your training.
  • Engage your users with points and rankings
  • Allow your users to contribute their own questions, increasing the difficulty of the activity.
  • Have multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, or image-based answers available
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