Yatahey is a consulting firm that promotes change management through learning and communication.

We understand the client's business: we have the experience to quickly understand the dynamics of your business and the factors that are critical to your success.

We know learning in organizations: we know how organizations work and how to get the best learning outcomes with minimal impact on productivity.

We develop attractive and innovative solutions that encourage dialogue and participation to engage people in common goals.

The organizations we work with believe that:

Investment in intelligence, at all organizational levels, is the way to do more, better and differently.

Education and communication are important resources to create value for the organization.

To change it is necessary to understand why the change and its importance for an organization to function.



We recognize and organize existing knowledge, bringing new ideas and ensuring conceptual consistency.

We present information and concepts with innovative resources, facilitating the construction of understanding and the attribution of meanings, stimulating thought and creation with impactful methodologies.

We empower our clients to use the product of our work to their benefit, without the need for our permanent intervention, transferring know-how.

We prepare our customers to educate consumers in purchase and consumption situations, using resources to create value for both parties.

We leverage on our understanding of people desires and motivations to develop learning strategies that support the fulfillment of such ambitions.

The name Yatahey means "Today is a good day". It is a word used by
Navajo people as a salute, a rallying cry, and a celebration.

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